GoldiBlot™ ~1-Hour Western blots for His-tagged Proteins

Updated: January 3, 2018

Buy nowSee polyHistidine-tagged Proteins in ~1 hour
Ni-NTA-Nanogold® binds directly to His-tags
No antibodies or equipment needed!


  • Fast  -Results in ~1 hour!
    • Ni-NTA-Nanogold® binds directly to His-tags
    • No more time-consuming antibody incubations!

  • Colorimetric detection- No film, no equipment needed!
    • Dark red, permanent signal, low background, directly visualized by eye

  • Highly Sensitive -Down to 1 ng!

  • Saves Money
    • No more expensive antibodies!
    • Only about $10 per blot

  • Load CRUDE or purified His-tagged proteins

  • Simple protocol  [ Read online ]

From our lab to yours: 
much better way to detect polyHistidine-tagged proteins!
We're an active cancer research lab, and we were frustrated with the long, tedious, expensive and unreliable process required for His-tag blots. We solved this common problem- and we're glad to share it with you! 
(All profits support our cancer research.)



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Custom conjugation is also available, of Nanogold®, FluoroNanogold, undecagold
or colloidal gold to primary antibodies, peptides, small molecules, or other molecules.
Western Blot Kit
Detection kit for recombinant His-tagged proteins, containing Ni-NTA-gold detection reagent and metallographic amplification reagent. Choose Size:


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