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Custom Synthesis, Bulk Orders
and Non-Standard Product Packaging

Terms and Conditions

Placing an order for a custom synthesis product, a bulk preparation of a Nanoprobes product, or for any product supplied in a non-standard quantity or packaging, constitutes acceptance of the following terms and conditions:
  • Custom synthesis products or products supplied in non-standard quantities or packaging, such as bulk orders, may not be re-sold to any third party.
  • Prices for custom syntheses or special orders are valid only for the specific instance(s), quantities and time periods specified in the quotation, usually 30 days from the date of issue. Nanoprobes reserves the right to change pricing for subsequent or repeat orders.
  • Prices do not include any testing or verification of the immunological or biological activity of the product unless this is specified in the quotation. If such testing is required after an order is placed (for example, immunoblotting), then the materials and labor required to conduct it will be added to the invoice.
  • Pricing is based on delivery of the amount of product specified in the quotation. If the synthesis is unsuccessful or yields less than the specified amount of conjugate (the basis for determination of yield will be specified in the quotation), the price will be adjusted on a pro rata basis, proportional to the yield. Yield will be determined using an appropriate measurement method specified in the quotation.
  • Nanoprobes, Incorporated reserves the right to change the price for any specific custom synthesis request from those quoted in the examples given in the information below.
  • Nanoprobes, Incorporated reserves the right to retain any product which is surplus to the specified amount.
  • Nanoprobes, Incorporated reserves the right to add to its catalog materials prepared as a custom synthesis, and to change the pricing for custom products that are introduced as catalog items.
  • Placing an order for or taking delivery of a custom synthesis product does not imply any transfer of rights to Nanoprobes' proprietary technology. Where there are questions as to the rights to materials, they should be covered by a consulting and patent agreement before extensive discussion of the syntheses begins.
  • Nanoprobes, Incorporated reserves the right to refuse any specific request for custom labeling or synthesis work.

General Information

Custom Labeling of IgG And Fab' with Nanogold®

All classes of IgG can be labeled with Nanogold®. Fab' fragments can also be labeled if they are supplied as F(ab')2 fragments. Generally, we cannot prepare labeled Fab' fragments from antibodies supplied as IgG molecules since the digestion procedure to produce F(ab')2 from IgG has been found to be unreliable.

Antibody Conjugates: Product Information

  • For a standard preparation, 3.0 mL of labeled product will be supplied, containing 240 µg of active antibody (80 µg/mL: this is the same concentration as our catalog antibody conjugates). We cannot accept orders for smaller sizes. If you require a different concentration, please specify.
  • Unless customer specifies differently when placing the order, custom antibody conjugates will be shipped in 20 mM sodium phosphate solution, pH 7.4, with 150 mM sodium chloride, 0.1 % bovine serum albumin and 0.05 % sodium azide as preservatives.
  • Expiration date will be 12 months from date of packing unless stated otherwise on packaging.

Commercially Available Antibodies

Any IgG not currently listed in our literature, but commercially available in an affinity purified form, may be labeled with Nanogold®. Products will be supplied as detailed above, unless specified otherwise. Additional costs for antibody purchase and any other additional steps that this requires will be added to the invoice.

Nanogold® Fab' conjugates may also be prepared when the corresponding F(ab')2 fragments are commercially available in affinity purified form. Generally, we cannot undertake the preparation of labeled Fab' fragments from  IgG. Unless you specify differently when ordering, products will be supplied in the same amount, concentration and buffer / preservative solution as our existing range of Fab' conjugates.

We will respond to requests for custom labeling of commercially available antibodies with a written quotation that will state the final cost for the material requested and the expected time required for product delivery after receipt of a written order. We will also state the source of the antibody to be used. You may specify a different supplier: in this case the final cost will be subject to any change in the cost of the starting materials.

Antibodies Supplied by Customers

We can custom label your monoclonal or polyclonal IgG molecules. If F(ab')2 fragments are available, we can also prepare the corresponding labeled Fab' fragments. Generally, we cannot undertake the preparation of labeled Fab' fragments from IgG. Before placing a custom synthesis order, we recommend that you consider using our labeling reagent, Monomaleimido Nanogold®: this reagent will label antibodies in the same manner as our process.

We require at least 1.5 mg of antibody to ensure a successful labeling reaction. Antibodies must be free from contamination by other proteins; affinity purification is recommended. We do not separate antibodies from other proteins of similar molecular mass. Antibodies may be lyophilized or supplied in buffer solution. Please supply buffer information, concentrations and as many details about the antibody as possible.


Pricing will depend upon the cost of the materials used and the labor and facility use time required to complete the synthesis. Synthesis of novel materials or new conjugates will include the following components:

  • Cost of materials to be used, including gold labels and any antibodies purchased commercially. Prices for gold labeling reagents will be those currently in effect for purchasing the labeling reagents directly from us. Amounts will be itemized in our quotation.
  • Labor and facility use. Our rate is currently $184 per hour for custom synthesis and special orders. Labor and facility use will be billed in half-hourly increments.

A quotation will be prepared for any custom synthesis, itemizing these costs in full, and will not be exceeded without the customer's approval.

Other Labeled Molecules and Probes

In most cases, we are able to offer custom labeling only for antibody IgG and Fab' fragments. Custom synthesis of other molecules will be  conjugation reaction must be optimized, and in some cases we will not be able to undertake this work as part of a custom synthesis. Nanoprobes reserves the right to treat the preparation of Nanogold® conjugates of other molecules, or conjugates with other gold labels, as contract or collaborative research projects for which separate terms and conditions will be specified individually. While we welcome inquiries, we advise that the costs for such projects are usually considerably higher than for custom syntheses. By its nature, such work is speculative, and it will usually be necessary to invoice the labor costs whether or not the synthesis is successful.

For further information or to inquire about a specific synthesis, please contact Nanoprobes, Incorporated. All communication is treated in confidence.


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