What is Important in Immunogold?

Thanks for coming to our survey page. To help us better meet your needs in developing new products and improving our current catalog, we'd like to know what factors are important to you in selecting a gold probe or label. There are just three quick questions, and this survey is anonymous:
  • Have you bought any Nanogold conjugates or other gold probes recently?

  • What is the most important feature you look for when selecting an immunogold probe?

  • What factors are important in purchasing a gold probe (check all that are relevant)?

    You need a unique gold probe that you can't get or make anywhere else
    Ability to access and label hindered or difficult to label targets
    You need quantitative or high density labeling
    Low background or non-specific staining
    Highest degree of size monodispersity
    It's available in the size I want
    High confidence that it will work reproducibly
    Most helpful technical support
    Most competitive price

  • Any comments for us?



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